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The scribblings of an insane teenager.

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"Words build bridges into unexplored Regions"

-Adolf Hitler

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Hi. I'm Kasey and I do smack.

My name is Kasey-Rebbeca, but you can call me Kasey, I'm 14 years old. However my age does not define my personality in any way. I reside in a small town called Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland. I spend the majority of my time in Glasgow or Edinburgh. I have a huge love for History, Philosiphy and Psychology. Learning is something I absoloutly adore, and I love teaching others. Intelligence and common sense is one thing which will win me over in a heart beat. I can't stand people who can't hold their own opinions or beliefs and have a need to steal others.

I love my friends in family more than anything on this planet. They mean so much to me I have no idea where I would be without them. Each of my friends help me through the hard times in my life and I couldn't be more thanful for that. My family, on the other hand, are always there for me no matter what choice I have or no matter how big a problem is. They will always be behind me 100% of my life journey and I seriously couldn't thank them enough. They are what makes up my world. Without them I would be absoloutly nothing and no-one.

I'm going through a lot of life changes throughout this time and generally and slowly I'll start changing myself to feel more comfertable, please respect that. I don't need two hundred people pointing it out a day, because, I do infact know what is going on with myself and my body. So if you please it is nothing to do with you, so please leave the matter behind.

I have very strong beliefs and opinions and I would very much hate for you to interfere or try to make me change them. I've had this so many times people calling me terrible things and calling me a terribly person, when really I'm not. I don't push everything I hold to be right in your face and tell you to do the same. I'm up for a general debate although I'm not prepared to let some people make me change my opinions and beliefs so there will be no point in even trying. I'm my own person with my own opinions, as are you.

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Reading, writing, drawing, singing, art, fashion,
Music, Friends, Family, holidays, School,
learning, Philosophy, Psychology, Philosiphy,
Movies, Horror, Gore, HTML, Photoshop,
Intelligence, Common sense, Dancing,
Shopping, Games, The Sims, Photography.


Stupidity, Immature people, Bad music, Smart arses,
Blood, Spiders, People with no common sense, early mornings,
Bad gigs, Bullies, Alcoholics, people who think it's cool
to go out and get drunk every weekend, People with a low volcabulary,
People who can't spell, Idiots, Wankers, Hetresexual pornography,
Bad pornography, Liars, cheaters, beggers, theives, losers,
emoxcorekids, The emo trend, people who follow the trends.

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The Darkness. Megadeth. The Misfits. The Agony Scene. My Ruin. Kittie. Preeschool tea party massacre. Wecamewithbrokenteeth. The Blood Brothers. The Black Dahlia Murder. Atreyu. Cattle Decapitation. Wednesday 13. Murderdolls. Frankentien Dag Queen from Planet 13. Manic Spider Trash. As Blood Runs Black. Job For a Cowboy. Norma Jean. Between the buried and me. Jack off Jill. Scarling. Foxy Shazam. gutted with broken glass. Madonna. Kill Hannah. KillWhitneyDead. Kalmah. George Michael. The Locust. Lordi. Lou Reed. Lydia Lunch. Mindless Self Indulgence. Waking the Cadaver. We are Carnivores. Sex Pistoles. The Clash. Ratatat. Yoshi. Wig Wam. A-ha. Muse. The Rolling Stones. Motorhead. Slayer. Children of Bodom. In Flames. Monster Magnet. Vanna. Miyavi. Ayumia Hamasaki. Fleetwood Mac. Iggy Pop. David Bowie. Queen. The Who. The Cure. Society 1. Trivium. Anastacia. Kate Bush.

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Only add me if...
You are willing to be friends with me.
If you will comment me copiosly and not just give up after a few entries.
If you have at least two things in common with me.
If you are intelligent.
If you are mature.
If you have common sense.
It'd be a plus if you had all of those though.
If you enjoy reading someone else ranting on about things.
If you are prepeared to give this 100%

Marc Butcher♥

This is Marc. He's my best internet friend ever. We met around three years ago and we're still as close as we were back then. We have so many personal jokes and share so many secret. I love him like an older brother. He is so important to me it's unbelievable. We'll soon be meeting in person for the first time and I actually cannot wait. He's such an amazing person! We always watch the same movies at the same time and I giggle along while he tells me to close my eyes at the naughty scenes. We make jokes about toeing and other disguisting sexual activities. I just can't put how much he means to me into words.
He's like everything you would ever wish for in a best friend. He's loyal, trustworthy, fantastic to talk to and he always manages to cheer me up from my worst of moods.

He's just so amazing.

We draw each other pictures on paint. We make funny faces on webcam to each other, as you can see her likes to eat phones. We talk to each other hours on end without getting bored. We text each other randomly just to say the simplest things.

He is one of the greatest people I have ever come across.

Adolf Hitler was a smart man

The SS is Love